Baby’s skin is very permeable

Have you ever wondered why your baby’s skin can feel soft and dreamy one day and suffer eczema, acne and irritations the next? Let us help explain.

There’s many differences between adult and baby skin as infants’ delicate and underdeveloped skin requires special attention.

There are three key differences:

I. Baby’s skin is 50% more permeable than adult skin.

The two outermost layers of baby’s skin (stratum corneum and epidermis) are thinner than in adults, allowing substances to pass through much more easily. This means that baby is more prone to absorb irritants, allergens and bacteria from the environment or skincare products.

II. Baby’s skin retains less moisture.

With thinner skin, baby loses moisture faster. Thus, regularly using moisturizers on little ones can help maintain skin water content and act as a barrier to irritants. In fact, research has shown that regular use of moisturizers for the first 6 months of life reduces eczema incidence by 50%!

III. Baby’s skin is more vulnerable to the sun.

With less melanin than adult skin, baby has fewer natural protections from ultraviolet light. Thus, little skin can be susceptible to more sun damage. Many pediatricians recommend using protective clothing instead of sunscreen before 6 months of age. It’s best to work with your pediatrician to determine what’s right for your baby.